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Month 1
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  • Who do you want to be if you could go back in the past ? What would you tell your past self about herself ? 

Write down this conversation for any time period that comes up (baby, teenager, a specific age/moment). Let her know who she truly was in the midst of all those events that took place. Allow her to let go of what others “made” her. 

  • What is the best thing about who you have turned out to be ? Let yourself know what goodness your past hardships brought you. 

  • Write down a letter to the people who didn’t see your worth in the past. 

Affirm it like this: You not seeing my worth doesn’t mean I don’t have any. You were wrong. I was right. 

Be very definitive and create your version of what happened. You need to be the winner in all this. Make it sound like you are no matter how hard it sounds. 

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