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Month 1
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  • Keep your plans a secret (NO exception)

  • How do you view yourself in your dream scenario

    • Maybe with an ex you meet by accident

    • With a group of people who bullied you 

    • Connect to your revenge response and personality

    • Find closure in knowing you have fixed the past by outgrowing your old self mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (therefore in the physical too) 

  • Keep your sexuality within your grasp (only have sex with someone who has been investing time, consistency and effort to please YOU) 

    • Repeat this behavior until it feels right (it’s ok if it’s not easy at first, good things don’t come easy) 

    • Feel your sexual energy healing deeply with this habit implemented

  • Stay very discreet about your past sexual and dating history

    • Control your speech while on a date

    • Only tell your best girlfriends who you have dated/been with

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