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Month 1
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  • Break up any toxic cycle in your life by answering these prompts:

What did you trade as a child for attachement, safety, or love ? Who did you think you needed to be in order to get those things? And how do you see that pattern show up today ? 

 Now make a commitment to your inner child to do things out of pure safety that you don’t need to “earn” anything. Love is now unconditional for you. Claim it. Feel it. Allow this pattern to fade. 

  • Give yourself so much compassion through hugging it out. Let your inner child know she was never supposed to please others. It’s her birthright to be loved, cared for and showered with attention just because she is on earth. Give her that unconditionally now. 

  • Put it in writing as a letter to her. 

Dear little me, 

I absolutely see you. I shower you with so much attention, love and care. I will keep doing it. I will never ask you for anything in return. I will care for you and choose you over and over again. I will be your caregiver, provide for you and love you how you want to be loved. I will want to see you succeed, be happy and free. I will protect and stand up for you no matter what. I will make it safe for you to speak up and voice your opinions. I will keep you fed, safe and nourished. I will make all your dreams come true. You are the best and most important person in the world, I will spoil you always. I will give you gifts, admiration, praise and celebrate you everyday. I will remind you of your worth and value everyday. I will show up consistently for you through words, actions and intention. 

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