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Month 1
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  • Find out what your pet peeves are in a partner 

    • What does it say about you ? That’s your dark feminine self : what you have struggled with in a past life

For example: you hate men who try to control you and suffocate you, you have struggled with that in a past life. To fix it, accept your rebellious streak and deeply heal through shadow healing. 

  • Who is your worst evil character ? Why ? 

    • This is your uncomfortable victim wound from past lives. Heal through deep self-forgiveness for not fighting back or being strong enough to overcome this before. 

    • Release the physical toxic energy in your body when you find where it is stored. It’s repeating the pattern until you completely remove it through reiki or breath work. 

Remove all hate towards specific parts of your body

  • Put your focus on your internalized hate

  • Now put your hands on those parts and focus on sending love.

  • Release and transmute any shame or guilt too

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